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I was for 33 years, until late 2015, a professional news media and artistic photographer. I worked initially at the Herald & Weekly Times newspaper group in Melbourne and later for various publications in Brisane. These included being staff media photographer at World Expo 88, before spending 21 years at Quest Newpapers and the Courier-Mail. During those years I also enjoyed producing artistic photography outside of my day job and will continue to produce occassional new pieces, now that I no longer work professionally as a photographer. I live in Brisbane, Australia (and just to clarify, am not the nice chap of the same name from Adobe. The Russell Brown Show site is here!)

I hold Adobe Photoshop accreditation and was a member of the Beta-reader team for US author Dan Margulis' books Modern Photoshop Color Workflow and the new 10th anniversary second edition of Photoshop LAB Color.

There are plenty of people out there these days, snapping away with digital cameras and producing vast quantities of stuff, making it difficult to find decent, artistic imagery, amongst all the background noise. I hope that you will find my work to be quite different, more creative and of much higher quality than much of the digital art available today

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My instructional book, “Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop” is available from various places in Australia and from Half Price Books in the US. (Details on the Book tab above)

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